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totally unnecessary

while at cheap thrills, i also got some other cd's. i couldn't help myself.

grayceon - s/t
i first heard about this band on a music forum, when it was a suggestion for good 'music with cello'. this album is a mix of post-rock, prog, and metal. the opening track "sounds like thunder" is the best: just calm enough, to allow for some build-up. the chanting is soothing. but as the album progresses, i find that the tracks start dragging a little; at 20 minutes, the last track gets unnecessarily long. i prefer when they keep it short and sweet, like on "song for you". still, this is a good album for when i'm in the mood for post-rock with a heavier sound.

kiss me deadly - misty medley
i first heard of them when rox shared this album with me, some years ago. i found the album alright, nothing special. i saw it at the store for cheap, so i added this to my purchase. yeah, this was totally unnecessary.

[i keep making such impulse purchases, i am starting to run out of storage space. again.]


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That Kiss Me Deadly album is pretty fun. But you're right, nothing special.