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i recently came across this release:
killer bug - beyond the valley of the tapes

wah! this music makes me cry.

here is a sample track.
warning: turn the volume to minimum before playing.

obviously, i am not ready to handle this (although the more i listen to this, the less i find it shocking...). perhaps i should train myself first by going through all 50 discs from "merzbox".




That is awesomely intense. Do you have the Merzbox to go through? I've always been curious about it but it's kind of daunting to say, "I'm going to listen to 50 CDs worth of sheer noise."

that's the reason why i've had the merzbox mp3's on my hard drive for so long, and not listened to them yet. perhaps i should set aside some time every weekend to go through the discs one at a time, just to get accustomed to noise...