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beirut, thursday

i got two new releases yesterday.

beirut - march of the zapotec / realpeople holland [ep]

a double ep. disc 1 "march of the zapotec" is a continuation of their usual sound, this time played by a full band. the songs vary between sombre and dramatic (funeral music?) and some lighter stuff (parade or family party?). disc 2 "realpeople holland" is quite different, more electro-influenced. i love the closing track "no dice", which is slightly 80's retro and so damn catchy.

thursday - common existence

i had filed them in the category of "bands i used to like when i was an angsty teenager". but their recent split with envy impressed me, with some experimentation with new sounds (an instrumental track!). however, at first listen, i was disappointed at this new album, since it sounded like their usual old stuff to me: sing-shouted vocals, loud guitars, the occasional melodic break. but with every listen, i seem to discover something new each time; i am liking this more and more.


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