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vitalic @ sat

last thursday (february 25), i met with rox to see vitalic, live at sat. this was my first electro show, and i wondered if the audience would be more raver or more hipster; it turned out to be the latter.

we got there early, but it did not matter since they did not open the doors until 10:00pm. i'd only been there once before, and i kind of liked the place: open, spacious, minimal modern design. we sat through the first set (dj mini) even though the music was good; it was relatively early in the show and we wanted to keep our energy. by the second set (jordan dare), i was bored, so we started dancing.

finally, vitalic was on at 1:00am, which i found late, compared to the usual indie rock shows i attend. to be honest, i am not familiar enough with his material to recognize the songs; the tracks were mixed and it all sounded more or less the same to me. still, i had a pretty good time dancing, sweating, and getting my workout for the week. i was disappointed at the poor ventilation in the venue; it was super crowded and stuffy.

the highlight for me was near the end of the set, when he played my favourite track "second lives" and "my friend dario", back-to-back.

vitalic ended at 2:15am. mini and dare returned for an additional set, supposedly until 3:00am. but we were feeling pretty tired at that point, so we left. since the metros were not running anymore, we went searching for a 24-hour café; we found the presse-café on saint-denis, corner of ontario. we chilled there for a while, until cabbing it home at around 4:00am. so sleepy...

there are some videos of the show posted on youtube:

yeah, it was loud. but my ears didn't ring afterwards.

i also found this amazing photoset on flickr:

as my first electro show, i'd say it was a good experience. it was fun!


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whoooa, that person took amazing pictures!!
Indeed, it was fun - though I agree about ventilation. I also wish Vitalic played earlier and longer (considering they're the headliner).