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yesterday, while procrastinating from school work, i browsed the new releases at hmv.ca. ah, so robyn has released her new mini-album "body talk pt.1". i checked out the songs online. sounds like pop goodness.

i went to the megastore after school to pick it up. they've recently changed the store layout: all the punk/metal/electro sections have been moved upstairs, next to the classical/jazz sections. before leaving the store, i decided on a quick stroll upstairs, out of curiosity. it was deserted; i was the only customer there, with one employee behind the counter.

while browsing, an interesting song was playing in the store. i asked the employee what it was; she said "trentemøller". what? "it's his new album," she explained.

she showed me where the release was located (in the electro section), and told me i could sample it at the listening booth. she even suggested his debut release as her personal favourite. i sampled a few tracks from the new album "into the great wide yonder". i was sold.

i am listening to the trentemøller album now. it's layered, atmospheric electro with some interesting sounds. the soundtrack to an experimental dark film, perhaps. new discoveries with multiple listens. i am liking it so much more on second listen already.

i found out that the track playing at the store was "shades of marble":

i can't tell what my favourite track is, because each one conveys such a different mood. this is definitely the type of music to be listened to with quality headphones.


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ooh, I`ve been listening to Trentmoller for a while. I should`ve mentioned it before. I think I have a bunch of stuff on my computer. If so, i`ll pass it to you next time.