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armistice, pierre lapointe

last week, my cousin sent me an article on armistice, with song samples. after hearing "mission bells", the song was in my head for days. yesterday was the release date for their self-titled ep, so i went to the store to get it. so yes, this is my second couple-duo purchase of the year.

the vocals go well together. and i like the mariachi sounds, which sets this apart from their respective projects.

while at the store, i saw that pierre lapointe has a new release, "seul au piano". i usually do not care for live recordings, especially when there is no new material on it. it was available at the listening station so i checked it out.

oh wow. after hearing the solo piano version of "deux par deux rassemblés", i was sold. even though this release has no new material, the songs sound so different from the original albums versions, "seul au piano" is worth getting.

let's compare one of my favourite tracks, "deux par deux rassemblés".

original version, from the album "la forêt des mal-aimés":

live solo piano version:

i like the funny bit (at around 1:15) on "au bar des suicidés", when he mimics the guitar solo:


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