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a while ago, i saw a hong kong movie, 安非他命 (amphetamine).


it was a somewhat pretentious artsy-fartsy kind of movie. beautifully shot. but the storyline and dialogue were not great. on the other hand, i loved the music. it fit the scenes well; subtle, without being manipulative.

on its own, the music is great too. i ended up ordering the soundtrack online. it turned out not too expensive, even including the shipping from hong kong.

the cd booklet is big and glossy, which is nice. except that it's too thick to fit into the case, which annoys me a bit.

the soundtrack is composed of 29 short pieces. there is a melody that repeats itself throughout, with variations. those are my favourite parts. examples below.

天堂的初吻 (kiss from heaven)

歸途 (way home)

重聚 (reunion)

曲終 (end)


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