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devotchka @ le national

oh wow, i just realized that i am really behind on my blogging.

at the end of last month, i went to the devotchka show with rox.

the opening band was b.e.t.a.l.o.v.e.r.s. their music was kind of folk/americana with a hint of jazz, so i initially thought they were american. when the singer started talking, i realized they were a local band.

this was my first time seeing devotchka play a full set. i hadn't listened to the new album yet, so i was glad they decided to play quite a few old song, including my favourites: "how it ends", "the clockwise witness", "the enemy guns". it was a nice evening.

no aerial silk performer this time. but they had a dancer with an umbrella perform during "100 other lovers", as show in this video i found on youtube:
from the angle, i think this was filmed by the girl standing next to us.

they ended up playing a 2.5+ hour show.

we were standing next to the stage, so after the show, rox was able to grab a copy of the setlist.

the alley
head honcho
queen of the surface streets
poland (?)
the clockwise witness
the man from san sebastian
how it ends
all the sand in all the sea
we're leaving
vengo! vengo!
basso profundo
i cried like a silly boy
100 other lovers
the enemy guns

only love can break your heart (neil young cover)
ranchero (?)


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