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deftones, isis

still doing my a-z challenge...

a few months ago, i got to deftones' "white pony". a pleasant rediscovery, i was surprised at how much of the lyrics i still remember. now, 11 years later, i still love that album. i decided to check out their more recent material; unfortunately, it didn't click.

back in april, on record store day, they released a compilation of cover songs. i found out that they had previously released other covers songs on their "b-sides & rarities" compilation, back in 2003. i gave that a listen. their cover of cocteau twins' "wax and wane" was good enough for me to order the disc online.

cocteau twins - wax and wane

deftones - wax and wane (cover)

other interesting artists/bands covered include sade, the cure, the smiths...

back to my a-z challege: when i got to isis' "wavering radiant", i realized that my favourite track from them is "weight" from the 2002 album "oceanic". i added that disc to my online order (i needed at least two items to get free shipping from amazon).

isis - weight

i've listened to the album in its entirety just a couple of times. i find it a bit difficult to get through.


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