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godspeed @ l'olympia

i concluded my post-rock week on sunday may 1st, with the godspeed you! black emperor show at l'olympia.

the opening band of the evening was dreamcatcher, an arty experimental noise duo. i did not care for it.

the current line-up of godspeed consists of 8 members. i only caught 4 in this photo:

lighting was that dim red glow throughout the whole set. this band has absolutely no stage presence, no interaction with the crowd; they're in their little stage bubble. they did have a large projection screen with cryptic video clips to provide some visual interest. i think i spent almost half the set with my eyes closed, absorbing the music.

aurally, wow...! each song was about 75% buildup, 20% music, 5% cool down. as a whole, the set was a lot of atmospheric drone, punctuated by bursts of musical goodness. part of the excitement was waiting for those magical moments.

they played for almost two hours.

hope drone
she dreamt she was a bulldozer
gathering storm
dead metheny
09-15-00 outro
chart #3
world police and friendly fire

at the end of the night, i was feeling kind of happy.


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