a log of cd's purchased + shows attended + other stuff.

finally, the first weekend in a while where i don't have some test/midterm to study for. also, one extra hour due to daylight savings time. yay!

so, today, i went to fairview to get some music. i need some consolation for the bad grades i've gotten so far...

first, hmv:

death cab for cutie - something about airplanes
death cab for cutie - we have the facts and we're voting yes
yes, a double dose of emo/indie. i couldn't go to their show a couple of weeks ago, so i'll listen to the albums instead.

next, musicworld:

death from above 1979 - romance bloody romance
an album of remixes and b-sides. of course, i had to get it.

wolf parade - apologies to the queen mary
the next big act from montreal. starting to get overhyped, it seems. still, i like the songs here.


a review of today's purchases: dcfc, dfa1979, wolf parade... damn, i feel like such a music trend whore.


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