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cd esoterik clearance

i found out this morning on a message board that cd esoterik was closing. i never was a regular costumer, but this is still sad news. several times, i got tickets there. and i still remember some good finds in their used cd's section... i went after school to check out what they were selling. i got the following:

arab strap - monday at the hug & pint
i saw them live with bright eyes, a couple of years ago, and remember liking their stuff. i am finally getting one of their albums now.

calla - collisions
i had to miss their show a week ago, and so i am getting the album instead. i listened to it on the bus, on my way home, and i am already liking it a lot, despite some bad reviews i read.

fucking am - gold
the fucking champs and trans am teamed up for this. and it sounds pretty much like what i expected: some instumental metal mixed with some electro bits.

mogwai - kicking a dead pig
a remix album. the only reason i got this is for alec empire's remix of 'like herod'. i mean, alec empire remixing a mogwai track... it can only be good, no?

sons and daughters - the repulsion box
i've only heard one song by this band, and i was kind of dance-y, and i liked it, so why not get the album too?


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