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impulse online purchase

the cd's i ordered a while ago arrived in the mail on friday. i've been listening to them all weekend.

blood brothers - burn piano island burn
the first time i heard about this band was when i saw their video for "ambulance vs. ambulance", and it immediately caught my attention. despite the slightly annoying dual skrieking vocals, the music intrigued me. i love how they yell through most of their songs, but include a few lines of actual singing. on "ambulance vs. ambulance", the singing is accompanied by a few notes on the glockenspiel, and those six seconds make up my favourite moment of the entire album.

calla - calla
i had only heard their two most recent albums, and i love them. and so, i got their self-titled debut, curious to hear what they sounded like before. it's not what i expected. the sound is more subdued, more quiet, without the richness i love so much on their recent material. i don't dislike this album; i just feel a little underwhelmed.

rachel's - music for egon schiele
i thank roxanne for including a track of theirs on a mix cd she gave me; that's how i first heard of them. this album is completely instrumental. it was composed as a soundtrack to a live theater/dance production. all the pieces are played with piano and stringed instruments only. the music is pensive, kind of sad and tragic at times, and goes through different moods. i love it.


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