a log of cd's purchased + shows attended + other stuff.

today was the (north american) release date of placebo's fifth studio album. i had already heard a leak on the internet, and i liked it enough to go buy it after school today.

it seems like every time i lose interest in placebo and forget about them, they release a new album, reminding me of how much i love them.

the new album "meds" has no surprises. it's typical placebo: high-pitched nasal vocals, straighforward guitar rock alternating with soft ballads, lyrical references to sex and drugs... i love it on first listen, and this will probably play on my walkman all week.

i hope they tour and come to montreal.

some other purchases made today:

mogwai - rock action
i've been wanting this album for a while, just for the song "2 rights make 1 wrong". i saw it today at the store. i got the japanese import, which includes two bonus tracks. and it was on special too. here i am, slowing trying to buy the complete mogwai discography, minus the singles.

we are scientists - with love and squalor
i got this because i liked the two songs i heard. the rest of the album is alright. this is typical indie/hipster rock from new york. it's a fun album, but a bit forgettable, compared to similar bands out there.


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