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imogen heap @ latulipe

apparently, the show sold out. i was a bit surprised; i didn't realise that imogen heap had such a following here. it could be because she's had some songs on the o.c.

at the beginning of the show, the lovely imogen heap said a few words and introduced the opening act, zoë keating, a solo cellist. zoë keating used loops to create layers of music, making it sound like multiple stringed instruments were playing. her set was really good, purely instrumental, with beautiful songs. only one problem: she was sitting on a creaking chair (a minor annoyance).

next was imogen heap, coiffed in a big hairdo, with feathers and leaves. she began her set with an a capella version of "just for now", complete with hand claps and fingers snaps. afterwards, she introduced us to her "band"; she basically described her instruments and the various sound effects she can produce.

almost all the songs were from her solo album "speak for yourself". she played one old song that i did not recognise (i don't know any of her old material). she played one frou frou song, "let go", of course. she played her hit "hide and seek" near the end, just before the encore. during the encore, she covered "hallelujah", a capella, with no effects, just voice and nothing else. it was great.

i really liked that she played her songs differently than on the record; it made the music sound fresh. in the middle of the set, zoë keating came back out to play some accompanying cello on "speeding cars" and "headlock".

imogen heap talked a lot between songs; it was nice. a good interaction with the crowd (who obviously adored her). there were a couple of mistakes throughout the set, which she laughed off and the audience cheered on. she was really adorable.

she mentioned she may be back in november. i would definitely go see her again.

overall, i had a wonderful time tonight. walking into the venue, i did not expect much. so i was pleasantly surprised at how amazing the show turned out to be. i also met a bunch of new people through a friend.


cd purchase: after her set, a bunch of us got a copy of zoë keating's "one cello x 16: natoma". it was selling fast.

hearing damage: none at all. the music was absolutely lovely.


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