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mogwai @ spectrum

openers were torche: heavy and loud. this is probably the closest to metal that i'll ever hear at an indie show. at least, there were no growling vocals. or maybe there were, but i couldn't hear it. the band was largely instrumental, and the little vocals that they had were buried underneath the loud guitars. i guess they were good, for those into that kind of music. but i was not too impressed; they were too aggro-macho for my liking.

then, mogwai came on stage, wearing matching green adidas track jackets. how cute. this was my third time seeing them live, but i was still pretty excited.

they played a mix of old songs and new, with colourful lights and smoke effects, and enough strobelights to induce an epilepsy. i am not familiar with their entire catalogue, so i didn't know some of the songs. however, shame on me, i didn't even recognise the first two minutes of my favourite mogwai track "christmas steps". well, at least they played it. they also played my favourite from the new album "we're no here". they ended the set with the very loud "glasgow mega-snake".

they came back on stage for an encore. they played "my father my king". yay! fifteen minutes of music build-up, culminating into five minutes of noise, distortion, and feedback. near the end, the band members left the stage one by one, only leaving their noise behind. killer.


cd purchases: "ten rapid" and "come on die young", which completes my mogwai album collection.

celebrity sighting: on the sidewalk, after the show, i saw tim fletcher, vocalist of the stills. their new album sounds good, by the way.

hearing damage: my ears are ringing right now. i'll probably recover after i get some sleep. although i was expecting worst, for a mogwai show.


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