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summer vacation

summer vacation has just started. today, i passed by hmv and archambault. a couple of purchases.

tiga - sexor
i've been in a bit of an electronica mood lately, so i headed to hmv looking for tiga's newest release. i had only heard one song from the album, but i liked it enough to get the disc. turns out, it's really good! fun, dance, party music. it reminds me of how much i used to love dance music, back when i started to seriously listen to music, when i was in grade 5.

frou frou - details
while browsing the electronica section of the store, i saw frou frou's release. i got it too. the music is light and calming. the singer has such a nice voice. i can't wait to see imogen heap live, at the end of the month.

jean leloup - l'amour est sans pitié
jean leloup - le dôme
i really like jean leloup's last studio album "la vallée des réputations". it suck that i found out about this singer just not long before he retired. i guess i won't get a chance to see him live. i found these two older releases of his, on special at archambault. i listened to them a couple of times. it's so different from his later stuff. his early material is more "wtf?!" i'll listen to it some more; it'll grow on me, i'm sure.


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