a log of cd's purchased + shows attended + other stuff.

i haven't listened to tool for a long time, since high school. there's a mystery about this band. their videos are odd, their album art is original, their sound is distinct. yes, there's something pretentious about them, but i used to love this band. eventually, i stopped listening to their music because the elitist in me thought they weren't "indie" enough.

when i heard the first single from the new album, i was not impressed. it sounds exactly like their old stuff. the first time i heard the song, i thought i was hearing some old material.

seeing the new cd at the store, i became curious about the packaging: what are those lenses for? i could not resist, and so i got "10,000 days", just for those lenses. it turns out, they're used to view the booklet images in 3-d. very cool. tool's album art never disappoints.

i listened to the entire album. i've forgotten how much i love this band!

i also got their early ep "opiate", just to complete my collection.


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