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blood brothers

i only found out last week that the blood brothers have new material. after seeing their most recent video, i listened to a stream of the new album. and now, i am obsessed with this band. they are my favourite band of the week.

their new album "young machetes" was out today, and so i had to get it. it is so good. i love how intense and energetic the music is. i love the dual vocal assault/shrieks.

during the train ride home, i was reading the lyrics booklet. wtf...? it's kind of messed up. the lyrics aren't particularly scary or anything, but the topics are kind of uncomfortable. i love it.

this disc will be in my cd player for the rest of the week.

it makes me so sad that i will miss their live show because i have a evening class that day. i love this band so much, i've considered skipping class to see them live. (but i won't.)

[yay! this was my 400th cd!]


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hey girlie
thanks for commenting on my blog
wow u really own a HUGE colletion of music
that's a lot of $$$
and i'll definitly check out the blood brothers
what kind of a class made u stay in school? regret?