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arcade fire

since the move, i get to pass by hmv megastore every tuesday (new release day), which is not a good thing for my credit card...

today is the release of the super-anticipated "neon bible" from the arcade fire, the "it" band of 2004, whose previous album "funeral" made it to the top of every year-end list of that year.

i must admit, i love/hate this band. i love this band because everyone loves them, and it's been hard to get tickets to their shows in montreal. i hate this band because of the overhype, and scalpers sell tickets to their shows at ten times the price. well, at least, i've seen them live once, before they were huge, back in september 2003, when they opened for hawksley workman at club soda. i still remember that show, when arcade fire played, the crowd was chatting throughout the set. at one point, as régine started to sing a quiet song, the crowd's chattering was so loud that win got upset, and actually interrupted régine mid-song to tell the audience to just shut up and listen. i guess no one could predict that this band would because super massive.

at the store, there was the regular version of "neon bible" and a special edition. i asked the clerk what the difference was. she told me that the discs are the same, just the packaging is different: the special edition comes in a box, and includes two flip-books. i thought it stupid to charge $10 more just for packaging. but i guess it works, because i ended up getting suckered into buying the special edition anyway.

a couple of people have told me that this album sounds different from the previous, which i find partly true; they sound happier, somehow, but there's a bit of darkness to it. still, the new songs sound very arcade fire; for example, i easily guessed that "intervention" was an arcade fire song when i first heard a part of it on the radio.

i find it a bit weird that they've included "no cars go" on this album because it is an old song. but it is an old song that i like.

they had played a secret show back in january. but since it was "secret" and i am not connected in any way, i did not find out about it until it was over and everyone was talking about it. they also sold out five nights in february whithin an hour or so, and again, i was slow in receiving the news, so i could not get tickets to that. and now, they've announced two nights in may, and i've finally got tickets to that. technically, rox got tickets to that, and got one for me (thanks rox! i owe you.).


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here's the Saddest thing. i only have a 4GB mp3/ipod (whatever, yea, it's THAT Sad), it has Always been full since the 2nd day i purchased it. every other week or so, i'd Have to remove some old stuff and replace them with new stuff...and i decided to remove arcade fire as a whole...and now i just want to bang my head on the wall becasue i totally didn't know that i actually Don't have them on my computer! so now i have to ask from other people to send me everything or go buy them or something...AHH
i guess Everthing awful Has to happen around my midterm crises period.