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arcade fire @ aréna maurice richard

last night was the arcade fire show. it had quickly sold out, but thanks to rox, she got us tickets. she's written a complete rundown of the evening in her blog entry.

it was my first time attending a show in an arena-type venue. it wasn't too large, so we could still get good spots with a good view of the stage. it was my first time, watching a show while sitting at the balcony level, with a view of the sea of heads that make up the floor audience.

the opening act was st. vincent. it started as a solo act, with the singer and her electric guitar, some voice effects; it sounded almost industrial. then, when she started to play with her band, it sounded like a completely different act. i liked the last song "paris is burning". with the use of the stringed instruments and brass instruments, it sounded kind of carnivalesque. it was nice.


with band:

when the arcade fire were on, it was like a mini-orchestra on stage. a troupe of band members, rotating various instruments. there was something troubadour about the whole thing. interesting visual effects, with the screens at all four corners of the stage, displaying close-ups of the band members and other random film clips. also, giant glowsticks at the front of the stage, and an organ backdrop.

it's too bad i didn't know their songs enough to sing along. they played one of my favourites "no cars go" near the beginning. they also played "black wave/bad vibrations" that i like a lot from the new album. rox has a semi-complete setlist in her blog entry.

it was an enjoyable night. somewhat of a new experience for me, watching a show from such a view.


cd purchases:
- bell orchestre "recording a tape the colour of the light"
- st. vincent "ep"

hearing damage: a slight ringing. but it wasn't too bad.


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