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ted leo

as a ted leo fangirl, i got his new album "living with the living" released today.i had heard only one of the new tracks, but needed no convincing at all, as i will gladly buy anything the guy releases. he just seems so hard-working and genuine, and his live shows are great.

it's a lot of what i expected in a ted leo album. the smart lyrics, as he shout-sings like he means each and every word. there is the obvious hit single (or if it isn't a single, it should be) "the sons of cain", with a pause in the middle consisting of dance-y drumbeats and handclaps, sure to get everyone hyped up; a great opening song for the album, and will surely be a crowd pleaser at the live shows. that is followed by the mod-ish "army bound"; i quite like the last verse, and hope they play it live. then, "who do you love?" is another mod-ish track, very fun; i hope they play this live too! then, there is "a bottle of buckie", with the irish-ispired element, which, of course, means that it is one of my favourite tracks of the album. that is followed by the angry anti-war "bomb.repeat.bomb". there is also the slow (reggae-inspired?) "the unwanted things". and the almost-ballad "the toro and the toreador".

the last time i saw ted leo play was as an opener, in a larger venue, where i ended up having more fun during his half-hour than during the main act. i cannot wait to see a full set, as he plays the smaller sala rossa in may.


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