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bright eyes

i had a taste of bright eyes last month, with the ep release. today, the full length "cassadaga" was out.

in terms of the music, i've listened to so much bright eyes, that i have an idea what to expect. on this album, nothing really surprises or impresses me. there are the songs about love, about hate, the songs about people, about places, etc. his singing hasn't changed either; that slightly quivering voice, with the peculiar inflexions. still, i quite enjoy this album; i will remain a bright eyes fan. it is harmless music, suitable for all occasions.

as always, wonderful lyrics. conor oberst never disappoints in that area.

favourite tracks include:
- four winds
- middleman
- coat check dream song
there will surely be more, as i listen to this several more time.

however, in terms of packaging, it is quite cool. it comes with a 'spectral decoder' to be hovered all over the digipak, to reveal hidden images. i had a bit of fun, before the novelty wore off.


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