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nine inch nails

although i am not as big of a nine inch nails fan as i was back in high school/cegep, i still follow the album releases, usually every four/five years. that is why i was surprised to find out that trent reznor was releasing material this year, so fast after "with teeth". a new album in just two years? will it suck?

i got the new "year zero" today. it's not his best work; it doesn't compare to my favourite "the fragile" (go ahead and hate me, hardcore nin fans). but "year zero" is still pretty good. i'll probably like it more after several listens, as i alwasy do, with nin albums.

there is nothing exceptionally new here. it sounds angry, with the bad teen-angst poetry (weak lyrics). sound effects and glitches here and there. typical nin.

however, i am quite impressed with the whole promotion of this album. with the clue in the tour t-shirts, the websites, the idea of some near-future dystopia, the presence, etc. very well done.

when i got home, i put the cd in my laptop drive and played for a while. when i took it out to store it away, i momentarily freaked out; i thought i had gone crazy, a slight glitch in my memory.


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