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patrick wolf

nearly three months after its release in europe, patrick wolf's newest "the magic position" is released in north america today. it contains two extra live tracks.

i have resisted listening to it all this time. hearing it for the first time today, i was slightly disappointed that it is not as good as the previous "wind in the wires". the first half of "the magic position" is quite good, with the cheerful "accident & emergency" and the sad "bluebells". the second half is not as memorable. however, i did like the live piano version of "the child catcher"; it sounds more tragic than the original version.

still, it is a very good album. i will have to listen to it some more.

some internet sources say that patrick wolf will be taking a break from touring. he has three dates in toronto, but none in montreal. i guess i will not get the chance to see him live...


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