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hot and cold

i met up with manna today, and we eventually wound up at hmv megastore. inevitably, i ended up making a purchase, as this is the season where all the stores are trying to get us to spend (i hate this, yet i still fall for it). hm... buying unnecessary items one day after "buy nothing day"? shame on me.

neverending white lights - act i: goodbye friends of the heavenly bodies
i had wanted to get this a couple of weeks ago, along with "act ii"; but this first album was part of a 2/$25 deal, and i had nothing to pair it up with, at that time. feeling a little incomplete, i finally got it today. now that winter has officially arrived, along with the snow and the cold, i find this album quite fitting. there is something cold about this music.

manu chao - la radiolina
i got this as part of the 2/$25 deal. i heard the album once, i remember really liking the song "rainin in paradize". and i don't have anything like this, so it will add some diversity in to collection. listening to it right now, i feel like dancing alone, like a dork, in my room... this is warm music, perfect to cheer me up from gloomy winter days. (with the arrival of winter, this is a good time to break out the ska and the like, i think.)


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