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gogol bordello @ club soda

second show in a row at club soda. this time, i went with roxanne and laurel.

openers were dub trio. too macho/aggro for my taste. the set was excessively loud for nothing. a couple of passable post-rock-ish bits.

by the time gogol bordello came on stage, roxanne had already gotten beer spilled on her arm, and some big tall girl was yelling at everyone around her. these were signs of a rowdy crowd.

to be honest, their set was a bit of a blur to me. in between trying to enjoy the songs, i was mostly fending people off my back, while desperately grappling the front barrier, and feeling squished by sweaty bodies on all sides. yuck.

it had been a while since i had been at this type of "punk" show. (yeah, i know this wasn't a "real" punk show, but as an indie kid – attending shows where people watch with arms crossed, standing a foot apart – this was probably the closest to "punk" i'll ever get.)

i only recognised a few songs: "not a crime", "60 revolutions", "start wearing purple", and "think locally fuck globally" from the previous album; "wonderlust king", "zina marina", and "supertheory of supereverything" form the most recent. the singer talked a bit in between songs, but i could not hear a word he said, haha.

despite feeling like i had been in a fight, i still had a good time, cheering/yelling out loud, hoppping/dancing, letting loose, feeling energized, enjoying a lively and entertaining performance.

when i got home, i noticed some light bruising on my arms and knee. that's a first. and now, my shoulder area feels a bit sore.


cd purchase: i got gogol bordello's most recent "super taranta!", since i really like the song "wonderlust king".

hearing damage: dub trio's very loud set made my ears ring.


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