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matthew good @ club soda

i went with roxanne.

openers were dala, an acoustic duo.

when matthew good come on stage, he was quiet, playing one song after another without a pause, looking upset/angry/tired. i though, "oh no, what if he doesn't talk at all?" then, he started the drinking. and he ended up talking a lot, about the most random things, and what he said were not all apprpriate nor politically correct. but it's okay; we all know he's an opinionated loudmouth anyway.

it was a solo acoustic set. he started by getting the new songs out of the way. these did not sound too different than on disc. then, he went into the older materials: songs from the matthew good band period, including tracks from the rarities and b-sides ep's. very good.

his acoustic rendition of "avalanche" was my favourite of the evening. absolutely beautiful.

girl wedged under the front of the firebird
i'm a window
99% of us is failure
born losers
advertising on police cars
silent army in the trees
black helicopter
she's in it for the money
sort of a protest song
load me up
strange days
primetime deliverance

north american for life
champions of nothing
the fine art of falling apart

he had great lighting, good for pictures:


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