a log of cd's purchased + shows attended + other stuff.

stars released their new album "in our bedroom after the war" a couple of weeks ago. i got it today, when i passed by hmv on my way home. it also includes a dvd with a documentary or something.

a note on the packaging: it is a digipak, containing two discs. but the discs are placed back-to-back on the same tray. hm, never seen this design before. also something i've not seen before: the lyrics to each song is printed on a different card. on the reverse side, there is a part of the cover drawing, such that all twelve cards can be assembled like a puzzle.

about the music: the songs are so sweet. i've been listenng to the album on repeat, thinking 'aw...'. this is such mushy music. i love the boy/girl vocals of this band.

can't wait to see them live, at the end of november. should be a sweet show.


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