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juno + blondie

juno - music from the motion picture
i saw the movie with roxanne last week, and i really enjoyed it. it's a feel-good movie, without any cheesiness. what i noticed most is how much i loved the music. so i got the soundtrack today. "anyone else but you" by the moldy peaches is my favourite track from the movie. the two leads also play a cover of the song, which i like as well.

blondie - greatest hits
since the juno soundtrack was part of a 2/$20 deal, i paired it up with blondie's "greatest hits". probably not what i wanted most, but the other selections were worst. still, i do enjoy some old school music from time to time. listening to this, i was surprised to discover how many of these songs i recognize, without knowing they were from blondie. good retro music.


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