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thrice, atb

i met a friend for lunch today, but i got there early, so i snooped a little at futureshop. to my surprise, i saw that thrice have released "the alchemy index vols iii & iv: air & earth". cool! i don't care how this album sounds, i had to get it for completeness.

listening to this, i am slightly surprised. the 'air' disc is soft and nice. the 'earth' disc is even more stripped down. this is so different from their previous post-hardcore material. i like.

after lunch, i went to hmv looking for some electronica cd's. yeah, i want to diversify my collection, so i am venturing out of the usual indie bubble. i had a few releases in mind, but i only found one: atb's "trilogy", the double-disc version.

and it really sounds like two different albums. disc one is dance music, featuring different vocalists. my favourite track is 'renegade' with heather nova. disc two is more ambient, a good chillout mix.

it's been a while since i've listened to dance music. i used to love this stuff, back in the mid 90's. right now, i feel like i'm tired of indie rock in general, so i am returning to listening to dance music, and trying out some electronica and techno along the way.

as for the other releases i did not find, i will try to order them online or something...


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tired of indie music? :O

yes, it happens. i guess i am just looking to expand my musical taste.