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school worries

i procrastinated on my conference paper, so i ended up working on it until 6:00 am this morning. then, i only slept for two hours, since i had to go to school, to attend some seminars as part of the requirements for my m.eng degree. at least, the topics presented today were interesting and varied, so i managed to stay awake throughout.

also, i feel like such an idiot. i need to prepare another paper, for a conference held at the end of september. i feel so stupid for not checking the manuscript submission deadline. it turns out it is on september 1st. ah shit, i have less than a month to produce a full conference paper. plus, i will be away for a week at the end of august for the aiaa conference.

yeah, i will need to figure out how to turn on my 'work mode', and get all of this done!! (i'm not sure if i should start feeling stressed yet...)