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thursday/envy split

i found out about this two months ago. then, i pre-ordered it in mid-september. finally, it arrived in the mail today. it's the thursday/envy split!

the artwork is really nice (i chose the gold/black colour scheme). the tornado matches perfectly with what the music feels like.

it's my first time buying a lp, which is silly because i don't even own a record player. well, this also comes with a cd, integrated in the tri-fold sleeve:

inside the tri-fold sleeve is more artwork:

each version is limited to 1000 copies. i got number 687:

the vinyl is coloured: a gold/black mix to match the jacket:

[no, i'm not going to start collecting vinyl now. i am not enough of an audiophile/music freak.]

beautiful packaging aside, what about the music? epic. this release combines two bands i adore, who do the 'screaming + melody' (i.e. 'screamo') thing so well. as much as i like their vocals, my favourite are the instrumental tracks by both bands (and especially thursday; the moody instrumental material seems to be a new direction for them, which i like.)

at first, i was slightly surprised by the pairing of these two bands. but after listening to the whole cd, it does make sense. just listen to the last thursday track, followed by the first envy track:

thursday - appeared and was gone

envy - an umbrella fallen into fiction

edit: i just found out that the official release date is november 4. i guess this would be a birthday self-gift.


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you're not a music freak, but you buy a triple fold LP that you can't play just to get a CD? hmmm...

I'm not a fan of Thursday, especially the vocals, but (and probably for that reason) I do think those two instrumental tracks are pretty good.

haha, touché.

i like to own physical copies of music i like. so i'm glad they didn't make this a vinyl-only release; i would not have been content with just a digital version of this release.

I'm like Gabba, not a fan of Thursday, mostly because of the vocals. I only really like the last song they do on this split and then Envy comes in an destroys everything. I love those guys.

Nice pictures of the record. Pretty sexy.