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stars @ metropolis

the show was on friday evening. i went with six other friends; it was my first time going to a show with so many people.

gentleman reg, with a full band, were the openers. it was good; i liked it. i probably would have enjoyed it more if i had checked out his material before the show...

there was one song i liked a lot. luckily, roxanne recognized it as "it's not safe" from the "shortbus" soundtrack. (i had forgotten about this, but wikipedia says that he makes an appearance in the film.)

stars gave a really good performance. there were no surprises, since i had already seen them about a year ago, and their setlist was pretty similar. again, they had tons of flowers on stage, except they were roses this time, which they threw into the crowd frequently.

they played one of my favourites "take me to the riot" near the beginning, which is a great song for getting the crowd excited. they also played my other favourite "what i'm trying to say".

compared with the show last year, one noticeable difference this time is, the show seemed much more fun, largely because of the energetic crowd. everyone was shouting with excitement and singing along with all of the songs. i was screaming a lot myself. and the band was really into it. the singer looked so passionate while singing. especially near the end of the last song, when he was all folded on himself, and he looked like he was about to pop a vein and collapse. yeah.

after the show, i did not get a setlist, just a picture of it.


cd purchase: after the show, i saw that gentleman reg himself was manning the merch table. i asked him which songs he played tonight. he pointed at the album "darby & joan". so i bought a cd and asked him to sign it. i also bought stars' most recent release, the "sad robots" ep.


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