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caspian @ le divan orange

the under the snow festival takes place this week. caspian played a show at le divan orange last night.

the first act was thisquietarmy. moody, atmospheric, perfect soundtrack for some artsy experimental film. it was quite nice, at first. but after 45 minutes of the same type of moody music, i was ready for something different. i think this music would be better enjoyed when listened alone in bed or something.

i first heard of caspian through some post-rock forum. i was delighted when i found out about this show in montreal. i am glad i went to this. i hadn't been out to a show in a while, and this was a good way to kick off the concert-going season. caspian's music is straightforward post-rock, in that it is dynamic, yet all the changes in tempo are kind of expected. still, i love post-rock, and i think caspian do it quite well.

i had heard their releases before. hearing it live is so different. much better. much LOUDER. i felt all the vibrations in my body. and all this, in a good way.

the only song i really recognize is 'moksha', where they added the glockenspiel to the beginning, making it sound so much nicer than on their album. they also played a couple of new songs, which sounded heavy to me; i wonder if that's the direction they are headed with their new album...

i love the way they ended their "last" song, with almost all the band members abandoning their usual instruments, and switching to percussions.


cd purchases: i got their two releases, as i intended: their debut ep "we are the conductor" and full length "the four trees". i wish i had a record player, because their vinyl is really pretty (coloured and patterned to match the cover).

hearing damage: as mentioned, this was a LOUD show. but it probably seemed louder than it actually was (due to the small-ish venue); my hearing was fine later that night.


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