a log of cd's purchased + shows attended + other stuff.

since i started wokring, i've been in a bit of a post-rock mood (it helps me concentrate). which would explain my two impulse purchases of yesterday.

the first purchase was online; i will blog about it when it arrives in the mail.

on tuesday, i had gone to hmv to check out the new releases of the week. hm, not much of interest.

then, i saw a new album by isis. they're a band i've heard about. a couple of years ago, i heard the song "weight" from the 2002 album "oceanic", and loved it. but i couldn't really get into their other material. it was too heavy, the vocals too hardcore for my taste at the time.

the new album "wavering radiant" was available at the listening station at hmv, so i tried it out. unfortunately, the machine was somewhat defective (the forward skip button did not work), so i could only sample a few minutes from the first track.

yesterday, i visited their myspace page, where their song "20 minutes/40 years" was streaming. i really liked it. i guess i've been feeling kind of bored with the usual post-rock stuff, so i was really receptive to this heavier, more progressive type of music. even the hardcore vocals didn't bother me so much.

later yesterday, i had some time to kill before meeting with friends (to watch the movie "sin nombre". it was very good!). so i passed by hmv, and got the cd.

i am listening to this now. i am liking it a lot. it's different enough from my usual taste that it piques my interest. yet it's not too out there.


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