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indochine, yann perreau

when i went by hmv on monday, i saw a new album by indochine. it must be a very new release, since it wasn't available on their listening stations; i decided to wait before buying this. that night, i checked out their first single "little dolls" on their myspace. no surprise.

that night, watching videos of état critique, i found out about a new album by yann perreau. again, i checked out a couple of songs on his myspace. nice.

yesterday, i got the two cds.

indochine "la république des meteors" is very similar to the stuff they've been releasing for the past years (such as "paradize" and "alice & june"). it's nothing new from them, but they're good at what they do: catchy songs with a slight dance beat, mixed with a hint of gothiness.

i was pleasantly surprised by yann perreau "un serpent sous les fleurs". i had liked a few tracks from his debut "western romance", while the rest of that album sounded like filler to me. his name dropped off my radar after that. now, i find myself liking all of his new album. it's a good mix of pop and rock, lots of subtle piano sounds, adding a bit of drama to some songs.

i have trouble selecting a single favourite track, so here are three:

yann perreau - le plus beau rêve

yann perreau - beau comme on s'aime

yann perreau - le pays d'où je viens


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You're right about indochine - sounds like their standard sound, but still really nice.
I've never heard about Yann Perreau before. I like how dramatic some of it sounds.