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moleskine notebooks

since i left a pretty decent job to get back to my studies, i told myself not to mess this up.

as a motivation, i splurged, and went shopping at nota bene (what a cool shop!) to get my first moleskine notebooks.

on the right, the folio will be the main notebook, keeping track of my research. at 100g/m^2, the paper is thicker than the usual office multi-purpose, which makes it really nice to write on.

in the middle, the plain notebook will be used to scribble, to take all the messy notes during meetings with the prof. i should get into the habit of carrying it everywhere so that i can take random notes anytime.

on the left, in red, is the planner, to get organized, of course.

i know it's ridiculous, but that's $80 in notebooks. i'm usually good with money, but this was something i got to make myself feel better.

now, i am armed to tackle the phd.