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vnv nation @ le national

ah, i almost forgot to blog about this: the vnv nation show at le national, on wednesday, july 15. i drove to donwtown right after work, meeting with rox and her friend alex.

the first act was ayria, from toronto. i had checked out some of her music when i saw her name in the lineup for kinetik festival, and liked her most recent album. live, she was accompanied by two other musicians. the music sounded pretty much the same as on the studio release. she tried hard to work the crowd, but i felt the stage was a bit too large for her act, and the venue was a bit empty during her set.

the second openers were war tapes. meh. not sure how they fit with the rest of the lineup, since they were more of a rock band. a couple of their songs reminded me of, um, the bravery, which is not such a good thing. i do applaud the singer for his energy, as he shoved his face into the audiences' and shouted his lyrics.

(it turns out war tapes had some gear stolen right after the show that night. seems like the n-th time i hear about gear theft in montreal. wtf?)

i would not call myself a vnv nation fan, since i've only heard their albums once. but i do like the kind of electro/lite-industrial music they produce. it's kind of happy, and nice to dance to. i was surprised at how humourous the singer is, as he cracked jokes in between songs. good stage banter.

i am not familiar enough with their material to recognize any songs. i took a picture of the setlist; here's what they played:

pro victoria
in defiance
tomorrow never comes

the great divide

encore 2:


cd purchases: i got ayria's most recent album "hearts for bullets", in the deluxe version, which includes a bonnus disc, a sticker, a postcard, a mini-poster, and a cheap plastic bracelet. i also got vnv nation's most recent "of faith, power and glory".


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