a log of cd's purchased + shows attended + other stuff.
end of the year 2009

i only bought 25 new releases this year.

these are my favourites, in alphabetical order.

asobi seksu - hush
song: me & mary

beirut - march of the zapotec / realpeople holland
song: the shrew

song: my night with the prostitute from marseille

beware of safety - dogs
song: the supposed common

depeche mode - sounds of the universe
song: wrong

dumas - rouge
song: un train dans la nuit

gifts from enola - from fathoms
song: weightless frame

indochine - le république des meteors
song: un ange à ma table

isis - wavering radiant
song: 20 minutes/40 years

matthew good - vancouver
song: fought to fight it

mono - hymn to the immortal wind
song: everlasting light

patrick wolf - the bachelor
song: oblivion

pierre lapointe - sentiments humains
song: les lignes de ma main

placebo - battle for the sun
song: battle for the sun

regina spektor - far
song: eet

thursday - common existence
song: last call

vnv nation - of faith, power and glory
song: the great divide

yann perreau - un serpents sous les fleurs
song: le plus beau rêve