a log of cd's purchased + shows attended + other stuff.

i passed by hmv on tuesday. i saw the new matthew good album "vancouver". i hadn't known about any new material until rox told me about it about a month ago. i had been underwhelmed with his previous release "hospital music", so even though i knew the new songs were streaming for free from his website, i hadn't checked them out.

at the store, i sampled a few songs at the listening booth. i was immediately hooked with the opening track:

last parade

i love when he uses the piano in his songs. i skipped to the next track, and i love it just as much:

the boy who could explode

from those two tracks alone, i got the cd.

overall, i really like this album. a lot of piano and strings, which is what i liked so much from his debut solo "avalanche".

another highlight for me is a "rock" track with some punch:

fought to fight it


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I'm gonna have to buy this one just for the name, I think.