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dumas - traces

i still have that gift card (for my birthday) from a month ago that i hadn't started spending yet.

earlier this week, i passed by hmv and saw another new album "traces" by dumas. i wasn't expecting this, since i thought his series was done. but the 13 tracks on this album are numbered from 44 to 56, so it was obviously a continuaton. however, the titles were very familar, so i sampled a few songs at the listening station, and realized that these were re-arranged versions of the same songs taken from his last releases. i was confused: was this a compilation, remix album, what?

it turns out that this album contains the final mix of the songs. i guess his previous outputs were kind of like (well produced) demos or something.

i got the cd yesterday, and have listened to it a couple of times.

my favourite track is "un train dans la nuit (café froid, gardénal)". i even like this version better, with the additonal stringed instruments and all:


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