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dollar bin

i didn't think "dollar" bins still existed, but i saw one at hmv when i was there earlier this week. i know it looks a little pathetic, but i did spend some time digging through the piles, which consisted mostly of: awful rap albums, abstract artsy fartsy nondescript albums, and dated dance albums.

out of all that, i found these:

yes, for a dollar each. to be honest, i didn't know much about these albums, but at that price, i thought i'd give them a try.

the dandy warhols - are sound

this album is in fact the original mix of their 2003 release "welcome to the monkey house", which i already have. as a casual listener, "are sound" feels redundant. meh. i'll have to listen to the two back-to-back for comparison.

nic endo - cold metal perfection

i was expecting some digital hardcore, similar to her work with atari teenage riot. but it turned out to be more ambient/experimental. the kind of background music you'd hear at some art installation.

the cd includes the video for "white heat". it's so awesome, i must link to it:


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