a log of cd's purchased + shows attended + other stuff.
challenge (?)

since the beginning of this month (july 2010), i've decided to cut down on my spending. this means: no more impulse cd purchases. in fact, no music purchases at all would be ideal, but i am not sure i can do that.

to keep myself from longing for new music, i've decided to revisit my entire collection. starting from !!!, i will listen to every album i own (600+), until i reach zwan.

so far, i've gotten to arcade fire. i've already re-discovered stuff i forgot i used to love:
- amon tobin "foley room"
- a perfect circle "mer de nom" (i'm surprised i still remember all the lyrics!)
- arab strap "monday at the hug and pint"
- arcade fire "funeral"

... as well as some impulse purchases that i shouldn't have made:
- amiina "animamina" and "kurr"
- amon tobin "permutation"
- andy stochansky "five star motel"
- animal collective "sung tongs"

i wonder how long it will take me to get to the end.




Quality idea, I might try this myself! I loved my Zwan album, so might start the other way round ;-)