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temporary residence

a couple of weeks ago, i pre-ordered envy's new album "recitation". since i was paying for shipping fees, i decided to add another item to my order, grails' "doomsdayer's holiday". the order shipped a week earlier than i thought. i received it in the mail last week.

the envy album starts off quiet: a bit of poetry reading, then a long, drawn-out mono-esque song intro. at first listen, i was afraid they may have gone full post-rock on this release. but no, the vocals begin, and i am assured that they've kept their screamo influences.

this is the kind of album that requires full attention to be appreciated. unfortunately, i haven't had the time to solely focus on this release for the past week. i've only been listening to it as background music, and there is not yet one track that stands out for me. i'll need to find an evening to spend some time on this.

the grails album is different from what i usually listen to. it's kind of trippy, jazzy, heavy. the soundtrack to some dark experimental film. i love the opening title track:


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