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personal life

two weeks ago, when i went to the store to get robyn's new release, i saw that the thermals have a new album out, "personal life". i feel like they've been releasing the same album over and over again, so i didn't pay any attention to it. until later that day, when i listened to a full album stream on npr. i was hooked by the fourth track or so.

i returned to the store the next day to get the new release.

i've listened to it a couple of times now. sounds more or less like all their previous stuff. less angry, more pop, less loud, more mellow.

my favourite is the 'soft' song "never listen to me":

i also like "your love is so strong", which sounds the most like their old songs:


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I still don't know what to make of this album, but I can say that I love "I Don't Believe You".

Check out their Live at the Echoplex album, if you haven't already!