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penny sparkle, five ghosts

the new blonde redhead album, "penny sparkle", was released last week. i got the limited edition. at the store, the only difference i could see was that it was packaged in a cardboard box instead; no extra tracks or anything.

when i opened it at home, i saw that not only is the box lined inside, the disc is contained in a small canvas pouch. how precious.

after a couple of listens, it sounds alright. so far, there isn't one track that stands out too much for me. i think i need several more listens to fully appreciate this.

at the store, i saw that they were selling the most recent stars album "the five ghosts", with a discount on the limited edition that includes the bonus ep "the séance". even though i don't know what this album sounds like, i still got it.

sadly, it's been a week, and i haven't gotten around to listening to this yet...


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