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spinto band @ cabaret music hall

i had not planned on going to the show, on wednesday night. then, some people at school were going, so i went along. a typical indie show with a typical indie crowd.

the first band started their set by holding up cardboards that said tokyo police club. i quite enjoyed their songs, kind of dance-y. too bad their set was so short.

next were the lovely feathers. they were my favourite of the night. the crowd's favourite too. they were really good on stage, and had good interaction with the audience. clearly, the crowd loved them. maybe because they're from montreal. or maybe just because their set was so much fun. and their keyboardist was dressed in some kind of "lovely feathers" superhero costume or something; weird but funny...

finally, the spinto band. i felt a bit bad for them since so many people left after the lovely feathers. judging from the crowd's reaction, the spinto band should have been opening for the lovely feathers, and not the other way around. oh well. they had some nice songs.


cd purchases:
tokyo police club - a lesson in crime
lovely feathers - hind hind legs
spinto band - nice and nicely done

hearing damage: a little, only because i was standing right next to the speaker during the lovely feathers' set.


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