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bright eyes

i love bright eyes. i've seen them live three times. i have all their studio albums. but i am not fanatical enough to get their non-album material (ep's, singles, splits, etc.). so when i saw an ad in a magazine announcing the release of a collection of non-album material, i was quite excited about it. i found an online leak of the entire, just to get a taste, but i knew i would be getting it anyway. on its release date, i went to hmv megastore looking for the cd "noise floor (rarities: 1998-2005)". to my surprise, i could not find it. i was about to order it online, when yesterday, i passed by hmv in fairview, and actually found the cd there.

no surprises, the songs here sound like typical bright eyes stuff. there's the acoustic, the angry, the emotional, even one slightly electro track. i've found that their material is pretty consistent. so listening to the tracks collected here, spanning over seven years, i cannot tell easily tell which period each song was from. i like how the lyrics booklet provides those little bits of info.


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for 2 days straight i've got their song Take It Easy(love nothing) stuck in my head...in a positive way
can't say i like all of their songs cause some are just tooooo depressing