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death cab + ted leo @ metropolis

i usually don't include opening acts in the post title, but i'll make an exception this time, because the openers were ted leo & the pharmacists!! this guy is a punk rock hero! alright, i'm totally exagerating, but this band is one of the few who can turn me into a fangirl. remember that they were one of the best live acts i saw in 2005.

obviously, i was there mainly to see ted leo play, even if it was just an opening slot. no surprise, they played some of my favourites: "timourous me" (contains my favourite guitar part), "where have all the rude boys gone?" (with "i asked jerry, he told terry..." being my favourite part), "me and mia", "counting down the hours". unfortunately, they did not play "the high party" this time. their music reminds of 70's punk rock (which i love), but with more fun. all throughout their set, i was happily dancing along. it was too bad that i did not know their songs enough to sing along. there wasn't much stage banter this time, probably because they didn't want to waste too much of their half-hour opening timeslot. he did manage to squeeze in the "merci" and the "bonsoir", which was nice. i hope they will tour as headliners, and come back to montreal. i will definitely go see them again. so much fun!

ted leo, dressed in grey:

ted leo and the pharmacists:

the main act was death cab for cutie. i like them, mais pas plus que ce qu'il faut. by then, the room had gotten way too crowded, stuffy, and hot; it was uncomfortable. also, throughout most of the set, i was stuck behind a wall of two tall guys. i had already spent most of my energy and enthusiasm on ted leo's set, so for dcfc, i just nodded my head along to the songs, with not much space to move. most of the songs they played were familiar to me, but i didn't know the titles. rox knew them better than i did. i just know they played "title and registration", "soul meets body", and "i will follow you into the dark". they led into the conclusion of their set with a mini jam session: basically one long instrumental part. at one point, an additional drum kit was set up for the singer to play on. they ended their proper set (before the encore) with "the sound of settling", which is the only song i really danced to.

death cab rocking out:


cd purchases: i finally got all the ted leo cd's i wanted: "tej leo (?), rx/pharmacists", "treble in trouble", "the tyranny of distance", "hearts of oak", and "shake the sheets". the complete album discography, i think. so happy to get these songs. i think these will be in constant rotation on my cd player this week.

hearing damage: some ringing in the ears. most probably due to the screaming dcfc fans, and less due to the music.


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It was definitely a lot of fun!
Death cab was more rocking that I was expecting. I thought they'd be really mellow. Just made it more enjoyable, that it wasn't exactly like the cd's.
Thanks for the ted leo/joy division stuff by the way.